Our Philosophy

DSC_5036 We make every little girl’s dream come true – becoming a real mermaid.

Every little girl dreams of becoming a star of the sea: plunging into the waves and swimming just like a real mermaid, diving like a fish and moving happily through the colourful coral with her fin. The dream of every little boy, on the other hand, is to pretend to be a shark, lurking at the water’s surface and playing heaps of fun jokes. Is there anything better for a parent than being able to make such magical dreams come true?

The mermaid tails from Stellina del Mare were created just for this – to turn a wish into reality.


Play with mermaid tails: the water will become the most beautiful place on earth.

With a mermaid tail, the water becomes the most beautiful place on earth – they represent a game that merges magic and sport. Everyone – little boys, girls and teenagers – will be able to see themselves transforming into a little mermaid or shark, experiencing magical adventures in the marine realm, swimming happily discovering sunken worlds and the secrets of the depths.

Mermaid tails help make swimming all the more playful and fun for little boys and girls, allowing them to discover the wonders of the sea and movement, engaging them in sport, yet within an amazing fantasy world where everything is new.

But that’s not all! Mermaid tails have always expressed a positive message, representing the strength of women: dexterity, determination, independence, beauty and daring. These are all values that we like to imagine becoming the spark and inspiration for every little girl as they grow up.

Little women and mermaids that will dive head first into life, fearlessly.


What are you waiting for? Put on a mermaid tail from Stellina del Mare and become the mermaid you want to be. Discover how wonderful it is to immerse yourself in your imagination and the deep blue depths.