Safety in service of a dream

Stellina del Mare mermaid tails are extremely safe. We’re parents too and know just how lovely it is to make your children dreams come true, yet we also know how much attention is required to keep them out of harm’s way, especially in the water.


Let them plunge into the deep blue without getting that plunging feeling in your stomach

It’s important that when your kids take the plunge into the water, it’s all plain sailing. Let them have fun with peace of mind – the mono-fins of the mermaid tails are light and waterproof and have been specifically designed to not become heavy or weigh them down in any way. In fact, little girls will have no problem staying afloat.

The special shape of the fit is made specifically so that the mono-fins can be worn perfectly and the sinuous movement of the dolphin kick can be carried out in the most correct way possible.

It’s important that the tails are put on at the edge of the pool or right on the shore. It’s best to dive in right away to avoid having to move the feet inside the fin or – worse – jump on top of it. This will stop children from slipping and any damage from occurring to the fin.

If required, the tails can be removed quickly.



We do not recommend that children under the age of six use the product due to the risk of exhaustion and the limitations of their physical make-up. A particularly demanding swimming style is required when wearing the mono-fin and younger children may not be strong enough swimmers yet.

Mermaid tails are safe toys, however it is always best to wait until boys and girls are able to swim before allowing them to wear one – all the better if they already practice the dolphin kick or butterfly stroke.

The shark fin helps kids stay afloat and is also quick and easy to get off.

In any case, we recommend always supervising your children when they are playing.

And off they can go – diving head first into the fun!