The Technology



The mermaid fin that allows you to swim quickly and safely

The mermaid fins from Stellina del Mare feature a special design that has been conceived specifically to make swimming easy and flexible, just like that of a mermaid, yet are also constructed to be comfortable to wear, safe and – more than anything else – easy to get on.


Technology and design – the dream takes shape

Stellina del Mare tails are the result of extensive research that has gone into the design, using the experience of sport fins used by professionals as a starting point. Thanks to current technology, a polypropylene mono-fin has been created that offers outstanding durability and structure, yet which still guarantees flexibility and a light weight.

This ensures that the mermaid tail and mono-fin are incredibly lifelike, especially when swimming.

The shark fin, on the other hand, is made from cross-linked foam and neoprene. It is extremely durable, light and features elasticated straps that can be adjusted to get the perfect fit. The fin offers great support to help children swim and is easy to use as a teaching tool when they are learning to swim.

Whatever you want to be, little mermaids or sharks, try them all – you’ll discover just how fun they are. The most incredible thing is that these fins are made in an entirely environmentally-friendly manner. In fact, a part of the mono-fins uses recycled plastic, aiming to protect the environment and the sea.






The mermaid tail lining cover – the perfect fit

The Stellina del Mare mono-fin is also lined with an internal cover to make it easier to wear. The mono-fins are available in sizes xx and are made to be comfortable to wear and safe to use.


What makes them different from other mono-fins? Everything

The difference between Stellina del Mare tails and other mono-fins lies, first and foremost, in the neoprene lining cover that allows the foot to come in complete contact with the fin and does not expose the heel when swimming. This makes for the perfect fit, smooth movement and flawless grip of the mono-fin on the feet.

But don’t worry, the mono-fins are also easy to take off once the kids are done having their fun. While the holes for the ankles are extremely accommodating, all you have to do is apply a little pressure to take off the tail and get their feet back on solid ground.






The mermaid costume – it’s all about the scales

The real mermaid tail is finished off by the costume that covers the whole structure. The printed scales create the illusion that the child is indeed a veritable little mermaid.

Want to remove the fin and walk with just the costume? The mono-fin can be removed and the lower part of the costume is open to allow children to walk comfortably without having to remove their tail.


Fit and durability: even in the washing machine, it’s all just water

The stretch fabric used to make the mermaid tail is made from spandex and nylon, ensuring the perfect fit and outstanding wear resistance.

All you have to do is remove the mono-fin and the mermaid tails are machine washable on a delicate cold cycle.

The breathable fabric is resistant and the colours of the scales will keep their brilliance and definition over time, without fading.

However, care should be taken to avoid exposing them to high temperatures: dryers, Jacuzzi and other treatments could permanently ruin the elasticity of the fabric.